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"How to Get Great Gigs — Booking Your Own Tours, Managing Your Own Career as an Independent Musician or Performing Artist, Your 4 Biggest Concerns, Everyday Are How To..."

  1. Get more gigs
  2. Get better gigs
  3. Get more people to your gigs
  4. Get more money for your gigs

Let's face it—that's it, isn't it? All the other aspects of being a touring performer revolve around those 4 main concerns. If you would be able to get those 4 things happening, life would be good. You would be playing more, playing at better venues, playing for a larger, enthusiastic audience, and getting paid more money each time you played. Great! Let's do it.

Right now, let me give you 5 steps you can begin using immediately to start accomplishing your 4 biggest concerns.

I've been working as a booking agent and artist's manager for 20 years and, for the last 10 years I've been consulting with and teaching performers how to boost their careers with strategies and techniques that work. Time after time, the main problems artist's, like you, talk about are; how to get more gigs, get better gigs, get more people to their gigs and how to get more money for their gigs. I'd like to share 5 Booking Strategies you can use immediately and begin solving your 4 big concerns, in this Free E-book report.

5 Booking Strategies That Work

This report covers the 5 most important booking strategies that will change the way you book and manage your performing and touring career, from now on. It offers you a step-by-step process to:

  1. Assess your current situation
  2. Plan for your future
  3. Market to your target audience
  4. Book your gigs strategically to grow your career
  5. Evaluate your progress

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What happens when you are no longer concerned with the Big 4?

By getting more gigs, you have more opportunities to sell your CDs and other merchandise. More people sign your mailing list, making you more valuable to venues in your market.

By getting better gigs, you make yourself available to new audiences, media and other opportunities—and your value in your market once again goes up.

By getting more people coming to your gigs, you begin reaching many varieties of audience members. They tell their friends. You sell even more CDs and other merchandise. People in the industry begin to take notice because your media exposure is now more prominent and your value in your market continues to go up.

By getting more money for those gigs, you satisfy many of your career goals and life goals. You have the ability to create more projects to satisfy your artistic growth and reach an even wider audience. And, your value in your market, again, goes up enabling you to ask for even higher fees for your gigs.

Not a bad sign of things to come, conquering your Big 4 Concerns. So let’s make it even more inevitable that you will do this faster than you originally thought possible, by following the 5 steps in the report:

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Judy Pancoast
Judy Pancoast

"I just wanted to say I think your Biz Booster is great. I have been forwarding them to a number of people weekly."
Chris Fletcher,
Instructor Musician’s Institute
Agent, Coast to Coast
"Thank you for your emails. As a manager of an independent band, Downtown Harvest, I appreciate your advice and guidance. It is great to see experienced people spread their knowledge."
David Hua
Manager, Downtown Harvest
"I really like the biz boosters. They boost my attitude and help keep me focused."
Mino Christante
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